Course Design: How to Identify Triage Hot Words for Non-Clinical Agents

Over the past three years, I have been delivering training for a startup health care call center in Denver, CO. The call center services multiple primary care clinics around the Denver metro area assisting them with scheduling appointments, provider-to-provider referrals, and 24/7 phone access to nurse triage services. At the start of 2018, I decided … Continue reading Course Design: How to Identify Triage Hot Words for Non-Clinical Agents

What Motivates Adult Learners?

  What motivates different people, and how can we match up the appropriate motivators for folks at different stages? I recently began asking myself the same question so I decided to test out a few things when delivering training to our call center staff. I work for a health care call center which if you're … Continue reading What Motivates Adult Learners?

Can I get some privacy, please?

  Do you ever catch your pet staring at you after you shower and either put your towel over their head or go to a different room to avoid their judgmental gaze? Honestly, they probably don't know what you're doing. Why is it that we don't put more effort into protecting our privacy on social … Continue reading Can I get some privacy, please?

Improve Your Life By Making Your Bed

  Making your bed every morning: Instills discipline Allows you to accomplish something at the beginning of every day - Momentum is critical to a great day. Can spark joy in your life - When you come home from a long day and see a tidy bed, how does it make you feel? Now imagine coming … Continue reading Improve Your Life By Making Your Bed

How to Deliver Great Presentations

I came across a question on from a user asking for the best way to give PowerPoint presentations. I was very impressed with one of the responses because it outlined 10 different tips to deliver great presentations. It was from Nelson Wang, Director of Channel Sales at Box and co-founder of I was even more impressed … Continue reading How to Deliver Great Presentations