Augmented Reality On-Dash Navigation, in the near-future

This week I was challenged to create something that tells a story about life in the near-future. I have always been fascinated with Augmented Reality and its capabilities. Here is my take on a product I can see in the near-future. Let me know what you think. Could you see this technology being implemented? What … Continue reading Augmented Reality On-Dash Navigation, in the near-future

PODCAST – Equity, Privilege, and Diversity in eLearning

This is my first attempt at a podcast. It's a little rough but I plan on improving and continuing to share with you my thoughts on instructional design, adult learning, learning trends, and anything related to language (I love it!). Listen in and contribute to the discussion. I'm open to your suggestions, thoughts, and overall … Continue reading PODCAST – Equity, Privilege, and Diversity in eLearning

TEDx Talks: How Augmented Reality Will Change Education Completely

Instructional Realities

Florian Radke talks about how Augmented reality is not a toy, it’s a powerful tool that will help solve some of the worlds biggest problems. If we do it right, it can be the next great platform for education, human connection and productivity. Like Iron man, we all will soon be surrounded by data and 3D models that we can interact with, as early as the year 2025.

Florian is currently leading communications at Meta, an augmented reality (AR) company that is one of the companies at the forefront of designing our AR future. Meta’s focus is not on creating experiences that distract or pull us out of the real world, but rather that enhance our natural environments and facilitate greater learning and communication than has been available before. The possible applications range from more immersive classroom learning to a collaborative creative tool that can be used in real time…

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Is Virtual Reality a Good Idea?

Have you seen the trailer for the movie Ready Player One? If you haven't, watch it below. I bring this up because it got me thinking about the future of Virtual Reality and its benefits and implications for continuing to advance this technology. I decided to continue exploring this topic and begin creating a Pecha Kucha … Continue reading Is Virtual Reality a Good Idea?

How to Present your PowerPoint Online

Are you looking for other ways to present your PowerPoint presentation? If Skype is not a possibility, you can show your presentation if you have a Microsoft account. You will be provided with a link to share with the people you invite. Need a Microsoft account? Click here.  Step 1 Office 365 version: Start by … Continue reading How to Present your PowerPoint Online