How to Present your PowerPoint Online

Are you looking for other ways to present your PowerPoint presentation? If Skype is not a possibility, you can show your presentation if you have a Microsoft account. You will be provided with a link to share with the people you invite.

Need a Microsoft account? Click here. 

Step 1

Office 365 version: Start by navigating to the Slide Show tab and click the drop-down option of the Present Online button. Choose Office Presentation Service.

Present PPT Online - Select Present Online

Previous versions of Microsoft Office: Go to File > Share > Present Online

Step 2

Click the check box if you want to enable remote viewers to download the presentation. You will be asked to agree to the terms by clicking the Connect button at the bottom of the box.

Present PPT Online - Connect

Step 3

Provide remote viewers with the link to your presentation. You can also email the link by clicking Send in Email… Click Start Presentation when you are ready to begin.

Present PPT Online - Share Link

Step 4

All invitees will be able to see your presentation if they have the link. Once the presentation is started, you will be able to share meeting notes using OneNote and invite others to the session.

When you are done, hit the ESC key and close the presentation. You will be asked to click End Online Presentation.

Present PPT Online - Present Online

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