Can I get some privacy, please?


Do you ever catch your pet staring at you after you shower and either put your towel over their head or go to a different room to avoid their judgmental gaze? Honestly, they probably don’t know what you’re doing.

Why is it that we don’t put more effort into protecting our privacy on social media and instead do the opposite and overshare?

Is it because we want to make ourselves feel better and see how many nice comments or likes we get on the most recent, filtered photo we posted? I don’t know about you but I cringe every time Facebook reminds me of a comment or photo I shared years ago. Somehow letting me know “Hey! Remember when you said this embarrassing thing?” Wow, how naive was I?

As a society we have this curiosity about fame that is mistakenly equated to being well-liked. The truth is, many social media platforms have this scalability – what we share online has the potential of reaching a LARGE number of people but it’s unfortunate that the sort of posts that become “viral” are those that are either embarrassing, degrading, gross, or sexual.

It’s important to take the time to really think before posting any comments or photos online as you never know how people will react. Think about the audiences you’re reaching in each social media platform and ensure you are being careful about what you post.

So next time you find yourself vulnerably exposed and your pet is staring you down, take that as a reminder to think about how you can protect yourself online before posting something embarrassing.

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Photo: My dog, Carlos, peeking from the staircase. 

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