Storyboard / Action Mapping

Thought I’d share a rough storyboard / action mapping process. I normally use a single piece of paper to draw my storyboard. This time I decided to use sticky notes because it makes it easy to replace parts of the process.

What is the purpose of this storyboard?

Through meeting with leads and team supervisors, we discovered certain workflows were not being completed during the referral management process. Referrals were being processed without first obtaining an insurance authorization/referral. Also, some referral types were delayed due to confusion with determining who is responsible for managing them.

Needs Analysis Result

A simple solution to this gap in performance was pushing out a series of micro-learning videos with emphasis on process milestones that are easy to remember. The referral management process was redesigned to define process milestones each containing a checklist with tasks to complete before a referral can move forward. See infographic.

Want to learn more about Storyboards / Action Mapping?

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