Improve Your Life By Making Your Bed


Making your bed every morning:

  1. Instills discipline
  2. Allows you to accomplish something at the beginning of every day – Momentum is critical to a great day.
  3. Can spark joy in your life – When you come home from a long day and see a tidy bed, how does it make you feel? Now imagine coming home and seeing a messy bed, how does that make you feel? Pretty sure the former sparks joy for you while the latter doesn’t.
  4. Prevents future embarrassment – “Hey, why don’t I stop by your place with you?” asks your friend as you walk home together. Then as you open the door you realize with horror that your place is a mess and your bed isn’t made. Don’t be that person. Save yourself the embarrassment.
  5. It has a ripple effect – Accomplishing one great thing can leads to another.


Source: Nelson Wang, 

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