Using Motivation to Create an Adaptable Team

I recently stumbled upon an article on designing for motivation and it got me thinking about the effect I have with the learning content I create for our contact center staff. I’m responsible for getting people to do what we need them to do to keep our business going. Starting from new hire on-boarding to ongoing training and new process implementation. But expecting someone to change the way they do things by simply delivering new training or information would not be effective without motivation.

Motivation is a personal experience for wanting to do something for reasons one believes to be valuable.

People like to know the reasons why they need to do something differently.

Our contact center agents have experienced many changes in the past few years both in our department as well as the entire organization. We moved offices twice, each time with drastic working environment changes, and lost multiple employees in the process. Our department went through several on-boarding and off-boarding of clients and the services we provide, including hours of operation changes and leadership staff. Although these were rough adjustments, our focus was clear, take care of our patients.

Surprisingly, with each of these changes, we discovered our team was quickly learning how to adapt to change. It did take a while to get to this point but with this experience we found a successful strategy that kept our team motivated, being transparent with the progress of our department goals.

If you’re a UX Designer, Learning Content Developer, Trainer, Supervisor, Manager, or lead, think about what motivates your team. Consider discussing your team goals next time you have a huddle and ask how each person may impact that goal.

Be a successful motivation designer by discovering what your team finds meaningful, then work together to integrate that into reaching your department’s goals.

If you want to read more about what it means to be a Motivation Designer – check out Habitry’s article We’re All Motivators.


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