My Experience Implementing Insights Discovery

As you know, I currently work for a contact center with about 50 clinical and non-clinical associates with various tasks and responsibilities from scheduling appointments, managing referrals to specialty clinics, and phone nurse triage.  The team dynamics vary greatly which tend to cause tension between each group ultimately reducing teamwork, productivity, and retention. I came to the conclusion that this team would benefit from a self-awareness discovery session.

I reached out to our Sr. Training & Development Specialists within the company and implemented Insights Discovery, a people development program. The goal was to improve office interactions between groups, build a foundation for excellent teamwork, enhance productivity, and inspire leadership.

So What is Insights Discovery?

I think the video below, posted by Insights Learning and Development, better explains what Insights is all about.

How was it Received?

The Insights Discovery debrief session was recently completed and our team interactions have already improved! There was excitement immediately following the debrief session and the foundation for a continuous improvement culture is already evident.

I wanted Insights to be an every day topic so I created an Insights board to post more information about each of the color energies. Each team member also has their color energy results on their nameplate and a list of adaptive strategies posted outside their cubicle for others to refer to when approaching that individual. It includes tips on: how to approach this person, how to gain commitment, how to question, and how to follow up with.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve shared with our team.

Follow Up Activities

My goal, and those of the rest of the operations team, is to keep Insights going on our team. Our plan is to have interactive activities that challenge each color energy to grow. Here are some examples of our follow-up activities:

  • Post It: Have each team member pick their favorite statement from their profile and post them for all to see.
  • Top Strength: Have each member pick their top strength and share it with the team. Ask others to comment on when this individual has demonstrated this strength well.
  • Colors in action: Have each team member pick an area they want to focus on and ask them to resolve to put it into action throughout the month.

Recently, we completed the Share Your Appreciation activity. Each team member was given four sticky notes of different colors (red, yellow, green, and blue). Based on what they learned about the color energies, they would each share what they appreciate about each of the colors and post them outside their work space (cubicle or office).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s next?

Our team will continue challenging each other to improve our interactions. I believe a bit of friendly competition creates strong relationships, improves our ability to problem solve, and become aware of our strengths.

I challenge you to look into implementing Insights for your team.

My Color Energies

I lead with Blue, followed by Green, Red, then Yellow.

Have you completed an Insights Discovery session? What were your results? Comment below. 

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